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sciences (Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice) and so on are accepted. (4) Case stories (5) Letter to the editor in various disciples of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

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The journal covers a number of key aspects on this area by including analysis on topics like Applied Pharmacy Practice, Community pharmacy, Physical Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacogenomics, Pharmacoinformatics, Pharmacovigilance, Drug Safety Surveillance, Molecular Pharmacology, Drug Side Effect, Pharmacoepidemiology, Pharmacokinetics, Pharmaceutics, Drug Discovery & Design, Drug Delivery, Pharmacology, Adverse Drug Reactions, Action of Drugs, Marine Pharmacognosy, and Nutraceuticals. Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Research is open entry, peer-reviewed journal which publishes authentic analysis articles, reviews and all kinds of short articles.

It can be a media for publicizing meetings and information relating to advances in scientific pharmacy in the areas. Fortune Journals follows a rigorous peer-review along with strict moral policies and requirements to make sure high quality scientific works to the sphere of scholarly publication. Fortune Journals makes use of finest softwares for figuring out plagiarism and it never accept articles with greater plagiarism.

It is a sub-order of well being economics. A pharmacoeconomic study assesses the fee (communicated in cash related phrases) and impacts (communicated so far as fiscal esteem, viability or improved high quality of life) of a pharmaceutical item. Pharmacoeconomic evaluation serves to manage optimal healthcare resource allocation, in a standardized and scientifically grounded manner.

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